The US-China Association for Agriculture and Life Sciences

The US-China Association for Agriculture and Life Sciences is a  non-profit academic and educational organization registered in the U.S.  The Association is organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes to: (1) promote international exchange of knowledge and scientific development in Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences; (b) build an efficient platform for U.S. and Chinese universities, research institutes, professional organizations, local governments and companies, through which mutual beneficial and win-win cooperation can be enhanced. 

     The Association includes universities, research institutes, administrative departments and academic groups of the United States, China and other countries.  The Association uses its unique position in the field of Agriculture and Life Sciences to provide best services to our members. 

    We welcome anyone and organizations who are interested in agriculture and life sciences to participate in the association. Our members are within many disciplines, including ( not limited to) agriculture, forestry, fisheries, entomology, forestry economy, soil conservation, agricultural economics, agricultural information, food, gardening, wildlife protection, crop, genetic, breeding, soil resources, land use, ecology, grassland, restoration, rural science. We particularly welcome new emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary colleagues to participate.